40 Years of Fitness Innovation
At Universal Gym Equipment, our name has embodied quality, strength and fitness for more than 40 years. We invented the first ever multi-station weight machine in 1957. Since then, Universal equipment has stood the test of time in countless health clubs and high school and college gyms throughout the world. 

Back to the Beginning-A Brief History
Universal was founded by Muscle Beach alumnus and the first Mr. California Harold Zinkin in 1957. At that time, barbells and dumbbells were the primary means of physical conditioning, used only by a select few who understood the benefits of strength training. Zinkin wanted to broaden weightlifting's appeal with equipment that was safer, more compact and worked every major muscle group.

He created a multi-station machine featuring separate stacks of weight plates that moved up and down on solid steel runner guides. Weight changes were quick and easy, thanks to his unique, selectorized weight key system. He introduced this first Universal machine to the world, and in so doing, created a fitness revolution that continues to this day. In the prologue to his book "Remembering Muscle Beach," Zinkin writes of his accomplishment, "If I'm proud of anything, it's that machine and the fact that there probably isn't one professional athlete in the world who hasn't worked out on a Universal at least once."

From that point on, the Universal name became synonymous with fitness. We pioneered many industry "firsts," such as our Dynamic Variable Resistance technology that varies the resistance applied to muscle groups by the machine throughout the entire range of motion; and the Aerobic Super Circuit, a total body conditioning regimen that incorporates cardiovascular exercise and strength training in a single workout. Universal became the fitness equipment of choice for people all over the world, from professional sports teams and Olympic athletes to individuals who simply wanted to get in shape and make the most of their bodies.

The Tradition of Strength Continues
Today, the Universal name is stronger than ever, with a core product line that includes our Power Circuit® Single Stations and Free Weight Machines, Classic Chrome Single Stations and, of course, Multi-Station Machines based on the revolutionary design of Universal's original founder, Harold Zinkin.

And while much has changed in 40 years, our commitment to making quality fitness equipment has not. It shows in our tough Dynafoam upholstery that resists stains, abrasions and fading. It shows in the design of our equipment that makes working out more comfortable, more user-friendly and more effective. And it shows in the solid warranty and commitment to satisfaction that comes with each and every product we sell.

Thanks for your interest in our company and our products. We look forward to serving all of your fitness equipment needs.