Universal Gym Equipment was founded by Muscle Beach alumnus Harold Zinkin to sell his patented multi-station weight training machine with selectorized weight stacks. This machine introduced the concept of circuit weight training to the fitness world and launched the modern era of physical fitness.

Universal introduced the Mark Series-the first series of multi-station weight training machines. The company
sells one unit per month.

Universal sold one unit per week.

Universal sold one unit per hour.

Harold Zinkin sold Universal in a multimillion dollar deal and remained as chief executive officer.

The second series of multi-stations from Universal was introduced, including the Gladiator, Maximus and

Shortly after the second series came the third series of multi-stations, including the Spartacus and Centurion machines.

The concept of Dynamic Variable Resistance (DVR) was patented by Universal. In developing the multi-station,
Universal did extensive research on the biomechanical advantages and disadvantages of the human body. As a result of this research, Universal pioneered DVR technology, which allows a weight machine to vary the resistance it applies to a muscle group throughout the entire motion of the exercise. This ensures constant muscular effort for maximum conditioning results.

Universal began applying its DVR technology to its first series of DVR single stations, and its first Power Pak home gym.

Universal expanded its cardiovascular equipment line with the AerobiCycle I, II and III, as well as the ComputeRow. In the same year, the Universal Fitness Institute was also introduced. This program was implemented to provide fitness center managers and owners with the management tools needed to be effective in the industry.

Universal supplied fitness equipment to troops in Kuwait for Operation Desert Shield in order to keep our fighting forces in peak physical condition for Operation Desert Storm.

Power Circuit, Universal's new line of selectorized single station weight training machines, was developed. Power Circuit, designed to be the most user-friendly strength training equipment in the industry, features over 20 single stations that provide a complete range of strength training exercises for a total body workout.

As the sole supplier of fitness equipment to the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway, Universal equipped every training facility with its complete line of cardiovascular and strength training equipment. Today, over 20 countries use Universal fitness equipment to train for both the Winter and Summer Olympics.


As the pioneers of circuit training, Universal took the concept to a whole new level with CrossLine-an innovative
total fitness circuit that combines strength training and cardiovascular conditioning into one total body workout.
In only 18 months, over 150 of the top fitness centers across the country have embraced Universal's "Ultimate
Cross-Training Experience."Universal had its best year ever, with 250 employees and $50 million in sales.

Universal filed for bankruptcy.

No Universal products were sold.

Flexible Flyer bought Universal and sold marketing rights to a small group of investors in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Universal Gym Equipment returns to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to continue the tradition that the Universal name embodies-"Quality," "Strength" and "Fitness." The company's focus is a core product line of weight training equipment including single and multi-station machines and free weights.

Universal is steadily rebuilding sales and its dealer network. As of May 2000, the company employees seven
full-time employees and sells $100,000 in product monthly. Its sales goal for 2000 is $2 million.

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